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Ask for experience.  Ask if the person is Certified and if so by a recognized institution.  This is getting more important as many study astrology through unrecognized sources including the Internet.  There is criteria for astrological education, ethics and consulting skills which are prerequisites to certification.  Such a program was developed and established by ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) that is rapidly becoming the barometer of excellence for astrologers on a global level.  Since 2005 the program has been translated, taught and incorporated in many different countries including China, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Serbia, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and more in the coming months.  It provides the recipient with an ISAR.CAP.

                           Chris McRae, ISAR.CAP, NCGR.CA, PMAFA

current sky

The current Saturn/Neptune square will take us through until about the Fall of 2016 as a main theme.

Saturn is the structure in our lives as well as the structure in our surrounding society, in world politics, as well as geophysical structures. Without structure we would have chaos.  Neptune is creative, inspirational, and spiritual, but on the other side of the coin it is also deception, escapism and disillusionment.  The square puts us all in the middle of a dilemma both singly and collectively.  It is seeking a solution to long standing problems. We may have a feeling of helplessness, confusion, and seem to be reaching for a life line.  We have been seeing the escalation of opposing ideologies which is also the potentiality of this planetary pattern.

There is a collective anxiety and wanting to escape from deception, tyranny and those who put us down.  Is this symbolic of why Donald Trump is so popular among the masses who feel there must be something better than political rhetoric?  In Canada we took a big chance on our new Prime Minister who is new and fresh.  

It is operating within the framework of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto Square that started coming into influence around 2008-9 and continues well into about 2017-8.  It is correlating with a major upheaval in the world around us earmarking the time of a dramatic evolutionary paradigm shift.  As the world shifts, it also affects us personally.  Uranus wants creative change and Pluto represents transformation.  Old systems break down and new ones must replace them.

We are encouraged to know that time is a process of evolutionary change that are sometimes more dramatic than at other times due to necessity for change.

This little space will be a billboard of planetary influences as they continually move along their evolutionary path.