The Moon makes one revolution around planet Earth from New Moon to New Moon in 29 days, 12 hours and 43 minutes and 11.5 seconds. As it is moving around in its orbit, it appears to travel through the 12 zodiacal signs which form a backdrop for planetary motion. It also forms different angles with other planets in the Solar System. In astrology, these angles are called aspects. Moon Void-of-Course is a period when the Moon makes no major aspects or angles to other planets, in the sign it is in, until it moves into the next sign. It appears to change zodiacal signs about every 2-1/2 days creating frequent void periods. It is often only a matter of a few minutes, or it may occur in the middle of the night, or on a weekend when it doesn't matter as much as during the business week. Sometimes we get several in a row that last most of a day. This depends upon the placement of the other planets with which the Moon could potentially make aspects.


A Void period is a time when there is no developmental energy to bring matters to fruition that are initiated during this period. If significant matters are undertaken during a Void period something invariably happens to create a problem or dissatisfaction. Sometimes mistakes show up, someone changes his/her mind, or there is a flaw in the contract being signed or item being purchased. I would surely not buy something mechanical during this period, such as a car, a home appliance, or even a computer. I would even prefer to avoid starting a major trip on a void period, unless all arrangements are triple checked and baggage is double tagged! Errors often turn up or bags turn up a day or two after you have arrived at your destination. I once arrived at the airport only to discover that my reservation was not in the computer any longer, although I had a confirmation number. I have also noticed that appointments made during a Void period often start late, are often cancelled, or someone is significantly late. It is an excellent period for contemplation, preparation, study, as well as ordinary routine matters. This is not to be used fanatically but only checked when it is deemed significant. A Celestial Calender showing Moon Void perids can be purchased at many astrology or metaphysical book stores. Calendars usually come out in late summer. The two most common publications are either the Llewellyn or Maynard version.For your easy reference I have printed below a list of Moon-Void periods for a 3-month period, for Mountain Time. Adjustments for other time zones should be made as follows: Pacific Time, subtract one hour. Central Time add one hour. Eastern Time add two hours. Daylight Savings periods are taken into consideration when applicable.

You will note that some months there are several longer Moon Void periods than usual. This is due to the position of all the other planets. This is not usually a concern when the long periods occur through the evening and night time hours. It can be annoying when these periods encompass a full business day. Remember though, that Moon void periods do not effect what we do as our daily routine.



JUNE 2010   


Moon Void Begins

Moon Void Ends

New Sign

 June 3   08:56 am

 June 3  11:33 am


June  5   11:49 pm

June  5  11:50 pm


June  8     7:13 am

June 8   09:41 am


June  10  01:51pm

June 10 04:11pm


June 12   05:35pm

June 12 07:50 pm


June 14   06:38pm

June 14 09:54 pm


June 16  09:24pm

June 16 11:41 pm


June 18  11:04pm

June 19 02:13 am


June 21  03:45am

June 21 06:14 am


June 23  09:33am

June 23 12:10 pm


June 25  05:34pm

June 25 08:21pm


June 28 03:56am

June 28 06:52am


June 30 04:04pm

June 30 7:09 pm



JULY 2010

Moon Void Begins

Moon Void Ends

New Sign

 July 03 05:17 am

 July 03 07:44 am


July 05 03:24 pm July 05 06:29 pm Taurus
July 08 00:09 am July 08 01:51 am Gemini
July 10 04:17 am July 10 05:38 am Cancer
July 12 05:46 am July 12 06:53 am Leo
July 14 04:23 am July 14 07:15 am Virgo
July 16 07:46 am July 16 08:24 am Libra
July 18 08:26 am July 18 11:42 am Scorpio
July 20 05:43 pm July 20 05:48 pm Sagittarius
July 22 10:51 pm July 23 02:39 am Capricorn
July 25 08:20 am July 25 01:38 pm Aquarius
July 27 09:47 pm July 28 02:00 am Pisces
July 29 09:44 pm July 30 02:42 pm Aries



Moon Void Begins

Moon Void Ends

New Sign







Moon Void Begins

Moon Void Ends

New Sign







Moon Void Begins               Moon Void Ends                      Sign





Moon Void Begins

Moon Void Ends








Moon Void Begins

Moon Void Ends